Leki Airfoil 3D Trigger Alpine Pole (A)F23

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The classic LEKI Airfoil 3D Ski Poles are the closest you can get to the GS poles Marco Odermatt and Mikaela Shiffrin use without going hog wild with the red-yellow-black theme. Using the same HTS 6.5 Airfoil shafts and Trigger 3D SL grips, with a slightly larger Cobra Alpine basket instead of the tiny World Cup-issue ones, this is a pole for the hardest of chargers.


Product Details


Aluminum HTS 6.5 – Airfoil profile


Trigger 3D SL


Trigger 3D Frame Strap – Fast and easy click-in and out. Perfect fit, optimum guidance and pressure distribution, ideal vertical power transmission. 360° comfort.


Cobra Alpine


Flex Tip Short with Carbide Insert

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