Nordica ECO Boot Bag (A) 20/21

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The minimalist boot bag for the person who doesn't need to stuff it all into one bag but wants a convenient way to store and move boots the Nordica Bootbag ECO is your bag. You're not going to be stuffing all your gear in here but you will have a convenient way to store and transport your boots with a large U zip access for ease of use. With a healthy top grab handle that's easy to grip even with thick gloves on for that trip from the car to the lodge, this will make juggling gear and staying organized just that much easier. And with its flatter profile, thanks to not carrying everything under the sun, this fits, depending on your boot size, under seats or into overhead compartments so you can keep your precious boots with you. You can always rent skis, in fact, we can make a great case for renting demo skis when you're traveling. But your boots are customized to you, and you'll never find a pair like them in a rental fleet, which is why we always recommend traveling with your boots as close to you as you can possibly keep them. Lose a suitcase and you can waste a few hours in shopping for replacement clothes. Lose your boots and it is woe and sorrow all the way. A bag for bringing along the boots that has a nice closet footprint for storing them in, keeping the dust off, in the off season.

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