Look PIVOT 15 GW Alpine Binding (A)F23

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With the Pivot 15 GW binding from Look you keep control on descents and tours. Trust this all-mountain free binding like the most successful pro riders. In terms of performance and reliability, the Pivot 15 GW ski binding from Look is the market standard with its aluminium and steel components and technology. The unique rotating heel automatic and elastic release travel ensure that you stay in control without sacrificing fun and comfort.

Pivot 15 GW - One of the best Pivot Ski Bindings

Look belongs to the leading ski binding manufacturers and has developed an excellent binding with the Pivot GW 15. Multi Directional Release - Look is the only manufacturer with a fully mechanical reverse release that works independently of the heel piece and this mechanism is also in the Pivot 15 from look. The Turntable heel piece design provides an effective multidirectional 180 degree release in the instance of a fall. Further, the Pivot 15 GW ski binding features an Elastic Travel and Rotation directly under the Tibia, for optimal shock absorption and reliable retention. Thanks to the short mounting zone of the Look Pivot 15 GW reduces swing weight and strengthens reactivity. The short mounting zone of the and has developed an excellent binding with the GW 15 and the partially sprung heel section also ensure that the ski can be controlled with even more flex Control and precision. This provides a deeper, more consistent and rounder ski flex and more skiing fun. Rolling Control - Look bindings, just like the 15 GW, feature roll coupling strength (contact between ski boot and binding). This minimizes the amount of play that the Pivot 15 GW has on the movement of the ski boot. This ensures efficient power transmission of the Look Pivot 15 GW Ski Binding. Last but not least, the Look Pivot 15 GW convinces with the cool design and the colors Forza 2.0, Forza 3.0, RAW, GOLD, HARLAUT and PIT VIPER.

Features - Pivot 15 GW

  • Brake width: 75-95 mm
  • Weight: 2,49 Kg
  • DIN/ISO: 6-15
  • GripWalk
  • Long Elastic Travel
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