Riot Beluga Distance Kayak Paddle 2-Piece (A)

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The Beluga Distance 230cm Kayak Paddle ticks all the right boxes for the budget minded paddler; it's extremely durable, light and affordable. The corrosion resistant aluminum shaft is built to last for many years, and with the push of a button you can adjust the blade feathering angle from 0° to 30°.

To help keep your lap and hands dryer while paddling two adjustable rubber drip rings are attached onto the shaft of the paddle preventing water from running down the paddle.

The Distance Paddle is available in 220cm or 230cm length. Length would be determined by paddler height and boat width.

Low Angle Paddle

Low angle paddling is more horizontal, usually between a 20 degree or 30 degree angle. Typically used for recreational kayaks and touring kayaks low angle paddles are great for a more relaxed paddling trip. The blades of low angle kayak paddle are longer and narrower than high angle blades and that allows an easier stroke through the water which in turn will have less stress on the paddler. If you like paddling low, slow and steady then you will be very pleased with the Distance Paddle

Blade Specifications

  • Size: 17" x 7" - 45 cm x 18 cm
  • Surface Area: 94 sq/in
  • Blade Material: Plastic

Shaft Specifications

      Length: 230cm


  • Type: 2-piece
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Paddle Weight of 44.80 ounces!
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