Lange RS 110 SC Alpine Boot (YTH)

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Lange RS 110 SC ski boots are a great option for lighter-weight experts who could use a bit of extra leverage to flex their boots. It's more of a height and weight issue than a performance and preference one, although there are some skiers with lower and longer calf muscles who could use a bit of extra power over the boots. At 110, the flex is on the stiff side, but not overpowering. The big thing is the blend of comfort and performance, as these boots have a 97 mm forefoot last, and that's pretty narrow. If you have narrow feet or if you enjoy the feel of precision and power coming out of your boot, then this is a good width for you. The Polyurethane shell and cuff make for some fantastic control, and skiers who know how to carve a clean turn will benefit the most from this construction. As with most Lange race boots, the 110 SC has a solid sole. This brick-ish sole is superior to replaceable toe and heel plates as it acts as a cohesive unit rather than multiple pieces working together. At the end of the day, it's all about energy transfer, and the more solid the connection is, the better that energy will be transmitted. Built with four micro-adjustable buckles and a 40 mm power strap, you can tighten and fine-tune the fit to your heart's content. The Lange RS 110 SC carries on the tradition of a Lange boot in the best of terms and conditions.

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