K2 FIT 90 BOA In-Line Skate (M)

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The K2 F.I.T. 90 BOA Inline Skates for Men have highly supportive cuffs with well-ventilated soft boots. 90mm wheels offer good speed and maneuverability to be taken for fitness or just for fun.  Boa Turn-Dial Lacing has them on and off quickly and with a precise fit. K2's patented soft boots feel great out of the box without the need for any break-in time.
With integrated liners and fixed frames (not removable or adjustable), they are easy to maintain. They can be skated casually, but 90mm 83A wheels are meant to cover some ground and be enjoyed by those having some level of comfort on wheels. Comes with TwinCam ILQ7 Bearings and a brake attached. 

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