K2 Alexis 84 BOA In-Line Skate (W)

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K2 Alexis 84 BOA Women's Inline Skates take it easy on your knees while still giving you a great cardio workout. 84mm wheels have the agility to skate tight corners, and the performance to cover ground efficiently. This makes it easy enough to skate recreationally but is prime for fitness skating (light cross-training) activities.
K2 SoftBoots are notorious for their comfort and support. BOA turn-dial speed lacing (lifetime guarantee) is quick, easy, and gives an even wrap without lace bit with just a turn of the dial. The Stability Plus Cuff offers support and confidence, so the skater can enjoy the added performance (energy transfer) of aluminum frames. Soft 80A wheels are smooth and grippy. Replacing with harder wheels later will add durability and speed.

Model Year 2022-2023
Skate Type Cross-Training
Skill Level Beginner and Intermediate
Weight 1370g (US 8.0 EU 39 Without Brake)
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