Hyper Remix WakeBoard Boot Blk 7-10.5 (A)

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Whether you've been behind the boat for years or it's your first time jumping out, the Hyerlite Remix Wakeboard Boot Bindings will keep you confident and secure. This set of water board bindings provide maximized comfort and plushness as you jump the boat's waves. You'll learn to love the wake with trusted support from these black bindings. With the 3D molded tongue, you'll ride comfortably without having to sacrifice any amount of board control. Hop back on the boat and pass the binding set over your buddy for a turn. With the easy-on, adjustable fit, the next surfer can quickly get out in the water to start riding. The Low Pro Plate system is designed to keep the overall binding volume down. This means your wakeboarding pal won't be held down to push the limits. With a drop-through footbed, experience a ride closer to the board deck for maximized control and response. Keep your focus on hitting the wake for an all-out adrenaline rush with the Remix Wakeboard Boot Bindings by Hyperlite.

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