HO Dino 3 Tube (A)

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The Dino is a 3 rider towable tube built for fun days on the lake. The Dino can handle up to 3 riders but it can be ridden by 1, 2 or 3. The center rider sits on the deck of the tube while the outside riders lay in the prone position. Built with only the finest materials and guaranteed with our 1 year warranty, this tube will keep you where you want to be…on the water.

Fun, kid friendly animal design
Multiple riding positions

2 laydown areas, one seated area

HO Quick Connect Tow Attachment System
Heavy-duty Boston Valve

For quick and easy inflation and deflation

Heavy-duty PVC bladder
Nylon webbing covered soft foam handles
1 year limited warranty

Guaranteed Lasting Quality with our 1 Year Limited Warranty

New for 2021
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