Fischer OffTrack 3 Nordic Boot (A) 20/21

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For longer distance touring and supportive skiing, the Fischer Offtrack 3 has a stronger build than an in-track boot, allowing you to tackle more demanding terrain and snow conditions. These boots have a strong external frame with a Velcro strap up top to help you maintain control and precision even in difficult situations. With an internal molded heel cap, your foot is held snugly and comfortable, with little slippage and movement. When your heel is stable, you get stronger performance and better response. In the forefoot and toe area, the boots have a lightweight and water-repellent insulation material that protects your feet from the cold and wet winter conditions. Also helping to keep the elements out are the sealed zipper, integrated gaiter, and lace cover. The way these boots are designed to keep the moisture and elements out, it sounds like they're really designed for off-track use. This is a good and fun thing in the Nordic world, and skiers with a wide variety of backgrounds will love the protective performance of the Offtrack 3. Feel free to keep them in the track as well, and while they're not the lightest or raciest boots out there, they're good enough for fitness and adventure-oriented skiers who are looking to maximize their mileage out there in the winter woods.


  • Soft Sole Flex
  • Sport Fit Concept
  • Internal Molded Heel Cap
  • Sealed Zipper
  • Integrated Gaiter
  • Lace Cover
  • Velcro Strap
  • Ability Level: Intermediate Skiers
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