Nemo Vortex Pump Sack

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High-elevation camping comes with all sorts of extra difficulties like altitude sickness, inclement weather, and passing out when you're trying to blow up your sleeping pad. Next time, bring along the ultralight NEMO Vortex Pump Sack, which inflates your sleeping pad quickly without you having to hyperventilate along the way. The flawless integration with NEMO Laylow multi-valve makes sure no air escapes in transfer, and the slim packed size means that you always have enough room to bring your Vortex along.


  • Save your breath, use this large-capacity pump sack instead
  • Reinforced collar folds over to lock in air and push it directly into your pad
  • Inflates your pad easily with minimal effort on your part
  • Rolls up to a miniscule size to pack away anywhere in your backpack
  • Pairs with the Laylow multi-valve on NEMO sleeping pads
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