NEMO Switch 2P Tent S23

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Whether your adventures require a tent, a screenhouse, a sunshade, or all three, the versatile Switch™ can easily transform to handle all of them. With the inner tent deployed and fly attached, it makes a comfortable overnight shelter with near-vertical walls and copious headroom. Pop the fly off on a sunny day, and you have the perfect screen room for setting up a couple of NEMO Moonlite™ chairs and a Moonlander™ table with cheese board. If you’re headed to the shore, ditch the inner tent and just set up the fly for UPF 50+ protection from the sun — the front door panel can also be pitched with tarp poles to extend the protective awning even further. 

Switch is 100% flame-retardant chemical–free and built with durable materials so it can endure a lifetime of adventure. It includes a great array of thoughtful features such as our Gatekeeper™ door tiebacks, Nightlight Pocket™ headlamp diffusers, convenient gear storage pockets, and an oversized duffel storage bag to make packing up a breeze. Pair Switch in its sunshade form with our Victory™ Patio Blanket (size M) for the ideal footprint and protection from rough ground or sand. 

If your lifestyle has you adventuring in different ways and different places, Switch is ready to transform your experience. 

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