Coghlan's Cast Iron Double Broiler

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Coghlan’s Cast Iron Broilers are great for cooking all sorts of foods from snacks to main courses to dessert. Made with pre-seasoned cast iron for cooking over the heavy heat of campfires or barbecues. The open slots on each side of these broilers let grease escape. These Broilers are made for cooking burgers but are also great for cooking chicken, steaks, veggies, and much more. Removable handles and the open-hinged design make the Broilers easy to take apart and reassemble for simple cleaning and convenient storage. The stay-cool wooden handles and locking s-clips ensure that your cooking experience is comfortable and hassle-free.

Handle Length:  20.4" (52 cm).
Instruction and recipe book included.
Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2 kgs.).
Complete length with handles: 26.3" (67 cm).

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