Hyperlite 20 Ft. WakeSurf Rope w/ Grey Hdl (A)

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The Hyperlite 20' Grey Surf Rope with handle offers everything you need in a wakesurf rope and nothing you don't.

A wakesurf specific rope and handle is a must-have for safety reasons. The Hyperlite Surf Rope in Grey is 20 feet in length, perfect for getting you in the sweet spot of the wave. The handles are smaller as both hands aren't needed at wakesurf speeds and it helps prevent a rider's arms, legs, or neck from getting caught inside the rope.

Hyperlite Surf Rope - Grey Features

  • 10" Handle
  • Thick Braided Rope
  • 4 Foam Floats in 2' Increments
  • 20' Total Length
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