Nordica Enforcer 94 Alpine Ski (M) 20/21

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Article number: OA0308000---179cm
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Nordica just keeps cranking out these winners. The 2021 Nordica Enforcer 94 is a re-tuned version of the Enforcer 93, which was a perennial favorite for versatility as well as on-trail performance. It used to be just a narrower Enforcer 100, but for 2021, it gets a new build and shape. The rocker profile remains mostly the same, the only difference is that it's length dependent, giving the skier a better match in terms of their size in relation to the amount of rocker. In terms of the build, the Enforcer 94 still has a wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal, but for this year, the skis also get a carbon chassis which is lighter and stiffer than a full fiberglass laminate. This gives the skier a smooth, stiff, and stable platform to stand on and really rail some turns. Those attributes help the ski in an on-trail format while the True Tip construction helps the ski in off-trail, bumps, and woods. By reducing the heavy ABS material that used to go around the tips and replacing it with an extension of the lightweight wood core, the tips of the skis become lighter, more flexible, and more maneuverable. In the soft snow, this helps the tips stay on top of the fresh, as well as making them more friendly to get into the turn. Advanced and expert skiers will continue to love the all-around performance of the Nordica Enforcer 94.


  • Sidecut: 127/94/115 mm at 179 cm length
  • Turn Radius: 17.1 meters at 179 cm length
  • Wood Core
  • Dual Metal Laminate
  • Carbon Chassis
  • True Tip
  • Weight: 4030 Grams per Pair
  • Ability Level: Advanced and Expert Skiers
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