Nemo Roamer XL Wide Sleeping Pad

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  • Provides over 4 in. of expansive, plush thickness, yet packs to half the size of other pads and is significantly lighter
  • Creates a level sleeping surface on all sorts of bumpy, rough terrain
  • Premium 50-denier stretch fabric offers a soft, cozy top; 75-denier polyester provides go-anywhere durability on the bottom
  • Both fabrics are made from bluesign®-certified 100% postconsumer recycled materials
  • This pad has an R-value of 6, which makes it best for adventures in extreme cold conditions; it provides high levels of insulation from ground
  • Most sleeping pads we sell range from 1.0 (good for warm weather) to 5.5+ (for use in extreme cold); the higher the R-value, the more insulated the pad
  • Innovative Flow Core™ construction with high-volume air channels and strategic valve placement provides incredibly fast self-inflation and deflation
  • Unobtrusive Laylow™ valves include a multifunction, micro-adjust valve for custom inflation and a one-way dump valve for fast deflation and pack-up
  • Packs down to the size of a shoebox and comes with an oversize storage bag for easier packing
  • Included Vortex™ pump sack allows additional inflation
  • Includes toggles so you can connect pads together—toggling 2 Roamer™ XL Wide sleeping pads (additional pad not included) together creates a queen-size mattress
  • NEMO offers a lifetime warranty on this pad
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