Leki World Cup Race Lite GS 3D Alpine Pole (YTH)

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Aerodynamic and race-bred, the WCR GS 3D is our go-to for racing down the mountain at top speeds. It packs in LEKI’s race-specific profile that cuts drag and is perfect for hammering around gates, plus the latest Trigger 3D System. The new Trigger 3D allows for more control by providing direct contact between your glove and pole, while offering easy connect and disconnect to reduce injuries.


  • A race-day ready pole built to cut down drag
  • Aerodynamic profile cuts through the air with precision
  • Trigger 3D offers 220-degree release angle to reduce injuries
  • 3D Pro Grip provides a soft surface for exceptional grip
  • Adapter cap allows you to add LEKI Gate Guards (not included)
  • Trigger Worldcup Strap is infinitely adjustable for precise fit
  • Robust Aluminum HTS construction is extremely durable
  • Carbide tip is incredibly durable for precise grip and pole planting
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