K2 Mindbender 85 Alliance (W) w/Marker 10.0 TP

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K2 Mindbender 85 Women's Skis with Bindings is a fun loving all mountain set up that intermediate skiers are looking for. A full wood core keeps the weight down, but provides the necessary stability needed to handle ungroomed terrain. Camber underfoot and K2's Slantwall construction make sure that you don't lose the groomer performance that you came to know and love out of your groomer skis, but the lightweight build of these ski makes them very easy to whip around when you find yourself in some tighter terrain. The Mindbender 85 Alliance also features Tip and tail rocker for added versatility, ease of turn initiation and overall maneuverability. The rocker is shaped with a very gradual rise which allows you to take advantage of a long effective edge while carving a turn, but if you ride the ski with a flatter base and lower edge angle, the ski remains very releasable. A wide range of skier styles, turn shapes and speeds can be accessed with this set up. The Mindbender 85 can be billed as a fun, stable, and easy to ski set up, that can carve, bump, grind and is light weight and forgiving. That broad appeal is certainly the hallmark of these skis and is ideal for smaller ladies or for those who are progressing with their skills and ability level. If this sounds like your overall ski make up, then the K2 Mindbender 85 Women's Skis with Bindings

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