K2 BFC 85 W Alpine Boot (W)F23

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For women who prioritize comfort and ease of use above all else when it comes to their boots, there’s the 2024 K2 BFC W 85 Ski Boot. A low profile, fully customizable fit gives these boots the ultimate comfort -fit paired with performance-enhancing features. An easy flex rating of 85, Hands-Free Entry, a Cushfit liner, and a heat-moldable shell mean these easy-flexing boots might be more comfortable than the shoes you wore while driving to the mountain this morning.

  • Hands Free Entry: Dual material overlaps for hassle-free entry and exit.
  • Fully Heat Moldable: Both the boot's shell and cuff are capable of being heat-molded to a variety of foot shapes for a true custom fit.
  • Cushfit Liner: Designed with a blend of open-cell and EVA foam for an extremely comfortable, warm, and supportive fit.
  • Gripwalk soles: Designed for a better purchase on unstable & slippery terrain. The convex shape and ribbed tread add both comfort & grip for getting from house to hill to peak!
  • Flex: 85
  • Last: 103
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