Hyperlite 4.8 HL Broadcast Wakesurf Board

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  • Versatile hybrid shape that adapts to the way you ride
  • Fast speed line helps to keep up with the wave
  • Profile that is easy to control in the water and stand/get up
  • Unbeatable value on one of the best surfers for progression

The Broadcast is our #1 wakesurfer board for a reason - it is a super versatile shape that is great for almost any wave and comes in at a killer value. The dual concave through the bottom adds speed, allowing it to keep up on the wave and stay in the pocket. The rocker line allows the Broadcast to support a wide range of rider sizes - making it an ideal board to cover a range of riders on the boat. The rail profile is thick enough to provide stability but thin enough to be easy to flip up in the water and stand up, even for beginners. The full deck EVA traction pad allows riders of any height to pick their stance and move their feet anywhere on the board. The Broadcast is a truly versatile wakesurf board, ideal to have in any quiver on the boat.

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