Hyperlite 130 State 2.0 WakeBoard w/Blk Remix (7-10.5) (A)

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Balance is achieved through imbalance, at least that’s the case with the Hyperlite 130 State 2.0 Wakeboard with Remix 7-10.5 Boots . It’s built using an asymmetrical profile, combining molded-in footbed risers with a shorter and more aggressive toeside edge. This counteracts the way your heels and toes affect the board differently, resulting in a ride that’s more consistent and predictable whichever way you’re turning. Which means it’s easier to line up on the wake, where the Abrupt Continuous Rocker will give you powerful pop, even though it provides low-drag starts and smooth pulls while you’re on the surface.

  • Asymmetrical Shape is shorter on the toe side, giving more balanced performance because the board is shaped to match the different way toes and heels weight the board
  • Abrupt Continuous Rocker offers smooth pulls and easy starts, while still delivering essential pop off the wake
  • Includes Hyperlite Remix Bindings
  • Length (cm): 130
  • Molded-In Footbed Risers improve toe-side response
  • Hyperlite’s signature Biolite 3 Core is lighter and stronger at the same time, making it perfect for riders of all ability levels
  • Monocoque Construction wraps top and bottom laminates all the way around the board, improving strength and enhancing rail performance
  • Layered Glass laminates are custom-woven for precisely the desired flex, then assembled to prevent delamination ensuring consistent performance from day one to day one hundred
  • Molded In Fins at all four corners ensure smooth tracking and clean turn response
  • Includes two 1.3” Disorder bolt-on center fins allowing you to customize and upgrade in the future
  • Board measures 130cm in length
  • Follow instructions on the topsheet when mounting bindings
  • Included Hyperlite Remix Bindings provide medium support, while allowing for maximum range of motion
  • 3D Molded Tongue is pre-shaped for a superior fit every time you strap in
  • Articulating Cuff allows binding to flex without distorting, maintaining a comfortable hold no matter what
  • Molded EVA Footbed provides cushioned comfort and anatomically-shaped support
  • Low Pro Plate System puts you closer to the board, and works with all standard 6” mounting systems
  • Dual Lace Closure gives you independent control of upper and lower lacing zones
  • Adjustable open-toe design allows the binding to grow or shrink to suit many different foot sizes and shapes
  • Follow instructions on the topsheet when mounting bindings
  • Bindings sized to fit US Mens 7 to 10.5
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