Dalbello Avanti MX 65 Alpine Boot (W) 17/18

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Could the Dalbello Avanti MX 65 be the ultimate beginner/intermediate ski boot? According to one description writer at SkiEssentials, yes, and he has the evidence to prove it. Please turn your attention to Exhibit A: Dalbello's Bi-Injection shell design. Located on the inner crux of one's foot, where the shin becomes the foot, are two overlapping panels of soft, malleable plastic that make getting in and out of these boots an absolute breeze. To ensure stability when in motion, the upper shell of these boots enclose this layer of soft plastic when fully buckled. Now, let's view Exhibit B: the 104 mm last. Typically, a race boot features a 98 mm last, while more intermediate and advanced boots typically fall in the 100-102 mm range. A 104 mm last though? That's the type of width that indicates one thing: the user of these boots would rather comfortably ski a full day, than two painful runs before retiring to the lodge. Finally, let's view Exhibit C: the micro and macro buckle adjustment features. The last steps to dialing in a pair of ski boots for comfort are the final tweaks and customizations. With the Dalbello Avanti MX 65, you'll have the opportunity to fine tune the length of each buckle, ultimately allowing you to dial in a precise fit of the shell around your foot. That means you can both alleviate hot spots or add support by simply adjusting the position of your buckles. So is the Dalbello Avanti MX 65 really the ultimate beginner/intermediate ski boot? Well, the jury's still out, but let's just say we have the utmost confidence that the jurors will make the right decision.

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