Atomic I Redster G9 FIS REVO S Red Alpine Ski (A)

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The Atomic Redster G9 RS Revoshock was made to get Master’s GS racers through the gates as fast as possible. Chasing hundredths of a second on race day is as much about control and efficiency as pure speed. That’s what Atomic’s Revoshock technology is all about. Made up of a series of spring steel plates encased in an integrated elastomer compound, Revoshock absorbs bumps, keeping the ski smooth and stable without sacrificing super quick edge-to-edge agility and powerful accelerations out of every turn - the ultimate in handling. Full-length sidewalls create insane edge hold while Ultra TI Powered laminate keeps the ski torsionally rigid, no matter how rutted out the course might be. Atomic’s Ultra Power Woodcore and Active Race Interface binding platform keep you in control from start to finish.

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